Hair PRP

Men and women losing hair can be distressing at any age. Treatment is available that can help regenerate and repair hair follicles, leading to thickening and strengthening of hair.

Musculoskeletal PRP

As we age, we would like to stay healthy, fit and active. PRP injections can be used in the treatment of many musculoskeletal injuries and conditions. Typically 2 or more injections are required, usually separated by 4-6 weeks. This will vary depending on your specific injury/condition.


PRP Injection Therapy involves collecting a sample of your own blood and processing it in order to isolate and concentrate your platelets into the plasma. The platelet rich plasma is then injected into an area for rejuvenation.


Sculptra treatment helps address an underlying cause of facial aging and not just the symptoms. The facial injections gradually replace lost collagen to help restore facial volume and correct wrinkles and folds.

Dermal Filler

Fillers aim to enhance looks using a natural substance called Hyaluronic acid, which are gels that are injected into the skin to mimic substances naturally found under the skin.

Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Anti-Wrinkle Injections are used to reverse wrinkles and lines caused by sun and ageing. The procedure is quick, medically proven and effective.

Double Chin Injections

Double Chin Injections are a revolutionary, non-surgical fat dissolving injection. Used for the removal of double chin.


The DermapenMD3 is a revolutionary micro-needling device which aims to tighten, lift and rejuvenate skin.

Penile PRP Rejuvenation

The Penile Pro procedure is a quick, usually painless, 20 minute non-surgical procedure used to treat erectile dysfunction. 

Vaginal PRP Rejuvenation

The Vaginal PRP is a non-surgical procedure for the treatment of urinary leaks or sexual enhancement. 

Skin Boosters

Micro droplets of dermal filler deposited in the skin to hydrate and improve skin quality. Resulting in healthy, glowing and plump looking skin.

PRP Facial

The PRP Facial is a non-surgical procedure to rejuvenate your facial skin. 

My Derma Skincare Range

We searched for a simple, yet effective range of premium skincare products. When we couldn’t find one, we made our own.

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